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I'm rapidly depleting my ammo while shooting nothing, like a responsible soldier

Ixeslegend responds:


Everybody: Building magnificent and strategic civilizations

Me: Barrack and 3 soldiers

HELP I don't know what is happening, how do I reset my progress?

HydraOrc responds:

I think you will need to finish the current game and then you will be able to start a new one.
OR you can clear your localStorage in browser and wipe your progress this way

When Peter was squished...

I felt that

Sadly, Ruffle breaks project nexus when I try to play it :'(

Has potential, but needs polishing

Good game, but a few things I want to suggest:

- How is it different than other games? Add something that'll stand out
- I died the first time, because I didn't know what to do, maybe add a tutorial, or use the authors comment box
- The game is a bit buggy, like me getting stuck on walls and peppers, may want to fix that.

Peter has seemed to reproduced

Happy peter the ant day!

VinVox responds:

happy peter the ant day to you too!

This is a TERRIBLY GOOD GAME! I love the concept, I love the feel of the game. This is like The Birds by Alfred Hitchcock, but they go shoot turd at you instead.

Want I would like to see in future updates is implementing multiplayer. It'll will be so dope to see your friends shooting the birds while you franticly try to craft repair kits! But of course you need to make the waves harder ;). And think of all the shouting that would happen in the voice calls XD.

StalenGD responds:

Multiplayer comes to many people's minds, but it is not very easy to implement, so it will not be in the near future.
I hope you enjoy the other great features that will be added, thanks for feedback.

I have mixed feelings

Mariusm-1679 responds:

lol, I honestly made this as a test, this is my first time trying to make a game lol

Me: Missed 90% of the notes

The Game: Rating A, 670 out of 679

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